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970 Vapors

809 Grand Ave, Suite 1
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
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Raquel & Shylo - founders of 970 Vapors

Tell us about your personal vaping journey.
We were both heavy, heavy smokers. It wasn’t unusual for us to finish 2 ½ packs a day. We watched our grandparents struggle with cigarette related health issues up until they passed. We knew we had to quit. We tried the patches, gum and even tried the drug Chantix. One very depressing “ASPCA commercial” later, we realized Chantix was too hard on our emotional state. The side effects of this drug seemed worse than the side effects of smoking. Raquel’s sister had quit smoking on a vape, so we decided to try that. That was 6 years ago this April.

What inspired you to open 970 Vapors?
After we decided to make the switch from cigarettes to vape, we noticed there weren’t any vape shops around us. The industry was still too new in our area. We ordered out of AZ for a couple months until the day we were almost out of juice. We knew we had 4 days of rationing before our order would arrive. That is when we decided to open our own shop. We researched the vape industry and realized this was something that we could do well. We cashed out our 401k, used all of our savings, and still had to borrow some money from my parents to get our start-up funding in place. 

What makes 970 Vapors unique in the industry?
We are a women owned company. We were the first in the Valley to offer any vape products to the public. We held the only comps, to our knowledge, in all of Garfield County. We won Most Unique Shop for the Local’s Choice Award in 2016.

Why are you passionate about vaping advocacy?
We have seen first hand what vaping can do to positively change a person’s life. We would like our current and future customers to continue having the option of choosing a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Cigarettes are an extremely hard habit to break. Having the vape industry around is key to most smokers success in quitting. It’s about saving lives, that’s the most important thing. Getting to do what you love is just the bonus for us.

What motivated you to join RMSFA?
We are passionate about the vape industry and we are concerned about its future . We joined RMSFA to help Colorado fight against unjust regulations and laws. We felt we needed to provide help locally as well as receive help locally.

What are the best parts of being an RMSFA member?
Receiving firsthand knowledge of potential bills and regulations that may affect our community or our state. It really is quite intimidating to learn the political side to vaping, and without RMSFA’s help, we would have been lost. It’s like having an old friend that you can reach out to for questions, no matter how dumb or irrelevant they seem. Being a member of RMSFA is like having Superman on your side… cape not included.

What message would you like to share with others in the vaping industry?
If you haven’t already, join RMSFA. In just the short time that we have been members, it has changed the way we run our shop. This truly is a community and if we all stand together, we can accomplish a great many things.

What message would you like to share with the public?
Please educate yourselves correctly. There is a lot of false propaganda out there. Take the time to find the truth in all that mess. If you cannot, stop by a vape shop and ask. I guarantee there are no wrong questions. Chances are, we’ve heard it many times before and welcome the opportunity to share the truth.