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Your trusted advocate for the vapor industry

The Rocky Mountain Smoke Free Alliance advocates for the vaping industry in Colorado, offering adult smokers a safer option than traditional cigarettes.

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What We're About

The Rocky Mountain Smoke Free Alliance represents small business owners and manufacturers in Colorado’s vaping industry, offering a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes by:

  • Advocating for small businesses: RMSFA supports reasonable and responsible policies at state and local levels, ensuring small businesses’ rights are protected.

  • Promoting consumer rights: We advocate for consumers’ access to vapor products and provide accurate information to policy makers, business owners, and consumers.

  • Engaging in regulatory efforts: RMSFA keeps members informed of regulatory developments and works to promote sensible regulations that make Colorado a better place for the vaping industry to conduct business and innovate.
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Get Engaged

Joining the Vapor Technology Association allows you to shape policies that affect your business and support the defense of vapor and alternative nicotine products.

RMSFA fights for science-based policies that grant adults access to safer alternatives to smoking. Our lobbying team and public policy specialists work tirelessly to promote reasonable regulations. Join RMSFA today if you’re a vaping or alternative nicotine product user or seller to support this cause!

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Past Focuses

Stay Informed

During the past five years, the Rocky Mountain Smoke Free Alliance (RMSFA) and its partners have vigorously represented the RMSFA store owners, employees, and thousands of customers to fight flavor vaping bans.  The RMFSA works with a diverse team of lobbyists and professional government relations advocates to meet with local, state, and federal legislators and other stakeholders. During legislative meetings, our advocates inform legislators about the vaping public policy best practices to both reduce youth vaping while allowing responsible adults to use flavored vaping products to stay alive and to quit smoking deadly cigarettes. 
In 2024, some anti-vaping Colorado State Legislators may introduce flavor vaping ban legislation.  The Colorado General Assembly convenes from January – May, 2024.   RMSFA will be ready to ensure that your voice is heard to prevent flavor vaping bans. 
For more information about the RMSFA’s government relations goals and to participate in the RMSFA’s advocacy efforts, please contact us below!

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The Rocky Mountain Smoke Free Alliance is operated by a team of committed professionals who possess a distinctive combination of expertise in government affairs, public policy, law, and communication.

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